What is long COVID?

The UK’s National Health Service describes long COVID as having symptoms that continue for more than 12 weeks after initial diagnosis which cannot be attributed to another illness.

The UK COVID Symptom study found that 1 in 7 adults experienced symptoms for longer than 4 weeks…

By now, most of us have received a link to register for Sri Lanka’s mass COVID19 vaccination rollout. Whilst some of us have jumped on board, others may still be trying to decide. However, given the rumours and misinformation that are rife in society, we wanted to help our public make the most informed decision about vaccines.

In the fourth post of this blog series, we break down the results from the 200 million doses given around the world to decide whether these rumours have legs or are just misinformation.

Global vaccine roll out

Globally, 200 million doses of AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer/BioNtech vaccines have been administered…

With the impending mass COVID19 vaccination rollout in Sri Lanka, there are murmurs about vaccines causing allergic reactions or even deaths. It was only with its mass vaccination programs that Sri Lanka could eradicate diseases like measles or polio. It remains integral to economic recovery that there is public buy-in for a COVID19 vaccination scheme.

To that end, we break down the results from the clinical trials to see whether these rumours have legs or are just in fact, misinformation.

Clinical Trials

Scientists design clinical trials to get enough data to decide whether vaccines are safe and effective for people. They seek to accurately find…

With great shock & deep sorrow, we have witnessed the unfolding of horrific events since Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. Along with the rest of our country, we too believed that the days of waking up to the news of attacks were long past us. However, due to the cowardly actions of a few, we have been sprung back into a history we thought we had long left behind.

Despite the senseless cruelty that inspired these actions, with each day that passes, we are reminded of our armed forces’ bravery and the kindness of our people when united. A people forever ready to help a neighbour in trouble and the resilience that has helped us persevere through a 30-year…

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Neuroscience major turned financier turned entrepreneur. Writings on science, economy, wellness or being whimsical!

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